The Major Kirk Keller Experience.

Following Major Kirk’s experience in StoryChain will give you a fuller understanding of StoryChain and how we have been able to work with different populations.

When Major Keller invited StoryChain to do our program in the Greene County Jail he was the first one to volunteer. He modeled good and bad read-aloud strategies and then worked in small groups and helped clients with their final book selections.

Kirk Reading with two others
Kirk with Mask

During Covid…

The second population we worked with was the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Major Keller and other officers participated in the delivery of the mp3 players. They also recorded stories for the clients.

Volunteer Testimonials

The third population is our Stuck-in-Place Initiative and Major Keller was there for that as well. Here he is practicing his read-out-loud skills for a future recording. He will have a phone conference with a reader and
several other volunteers. Volunteer Phoebe Simon describes Keller’s coaching skills:

“He explained the best ways to bring a listener into the story are to introduce suspense, build excitement, and provide lots of energy to bring the story to life. ‘Practice, practice, practice before you record’ …It was remarkable to hear the change in the reader’s confidence and cadence after a few helpful tips from Kirk. Very great experience.” 


Kirk with Book


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