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Story Chain needs volunteers to assist in various areas of our program.

If you are interested in participating in assisting in the connection between incarcerated parents and their children, join us for this informational session and learn more about how Story Chain is helping them stay connected.

Refreshments will be provided.


What we do:

We record the voices of parents reading stories to their children.  The children are provided with the book and an MP3 player with the sound file of their parent reading.  The child follows along with the parent’s voice as the adventure unfolds.

Why recorded voices:

We can’t always be there for our children when they need to hear a story.  Originally we focused on the incarcerated population but found quickly this idea was bigger than just the prisons.

The importance of hearing stories:

We believe education is the answer to the devastating effects that social, and economic inequality has on communities.  Children hearing these stories will lead them to a lifelong love of reading and deep connection with the people that love them the most.

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Small Stories. Big Change.